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Designing for A Smarter World

TDG Smart Building

TDG Smart Building is our initiative aimed at making the buildings we design more efficient and sustainable. By integrating advanced technology, we enhance overall building performance and significantly improve the occupant experience. Our designs focus on security and wellness, alongside energy efficiency and operational optimization. With this initiative, TDG is committed to creating functional, beautiful spaces that promote productivity and provide an exceptional user experience. Join us in our mission to revolutionize interior design with smarter, greener buildings.

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Wheelchair Guidance


TDG's smart building solutions for healthcare are designed to enhance performance, efficiency, and patient care.


Predict Equipment Faults

Use advanced fault detection systems to identify and address potential issues before they escalate.


Streamline Operations

Integrate our Intelligent Apartment Platform for seamless management of maintenance and resident communications.


Achieve Cost Savings

Implement real-time energy monitoring to reduce consumption and lower expenses.


Improve Amenity Scheduling

Utilize smart systems for easy reservation of shared spaces like gyms and laundry rooms.


Real-time Monitoring

Keep track of common areas and services for up-to-date availability and enhanced resident convenience.


TDG's smart building solutions for apartment buildings are designed to enhance convenience, efficiency, and resident satisfaction


Optimized Amenities Usage

Use smart sensors to track occupancy of shared spaces like gyms and lounges, ensuring availability and efficient use.


Energy and Water Efficiency

Utilize motion-sensor lighting, smart thermostats, and water usage monitors to reduce costs and promote conservation.


Smart Parking System

Implement automated license plate recognition for secure and convenient parking, streamlining entry and exit for residents.


Enhanced Security and Connectivity

Install smart locks, surveillance cameras, and ensure robust Wi-Fi throughout the building for safety and high-speed internet access.


Real-time Monitoring

Real-time Maintenance and Waste Management: Provide residents with a mobile app for maintenance requests and use smart bins to optimize waste collection, improving efficiency and hygiene.

Learning with Tablets


TDG's smart building solutions for educational facilities transform schools and kindergartens into dynamic, efficient, and sustainable environments.


Smart Classrooms

Enhance learning with smart classrooms: Integrate interactive displays and technology to support modern teaching methods and boost learning outcomes.


Ensure Safety and Wellness

Design spaces with advanced safety features and wellness considerations for secure, healthy environments.


Improve Energy Efficiency

Improve energy efficiency: Use energy-efficient lighting and optimized HVAC systems to reduce consumption and create comfortable learning spaces.


Promote sustainability

Incorporate practices like daylight harvesting, green roofs, and rainwater harvesting to minimize environmental impact and reduce costs.


Streamline Facility Management

Implement smart systems to monitor and control building functions, enhancing efficiency and supporting the educational mission.


TDG's smart building solutions for workplace environments enhance efficiency, sustainability, and employee well-being


Optimize Workplace Productivity

Integrate IoT devices for smart building management, streamlining operations and improving overall workspace efficiency.


Enhance Well-being

Design ergonomic workspaces and indoor air quality management systems to support health, comfort, and performance.


Reduce Energy Consumption

Implement energy-efficient lighting systems and advanced climate control solutions to minimize energy usage and operational costs.


Promote Sustainability

Achieve LEED certification, integrate renewable energy sources, and implement waste reduction initiatives to meet environmental goals and boost corporate image.


Improve Security

Improve security: Incorporate advanced security systems to ensure a safe and secure workplace environment.


IoT Integration

Connect and manage building systems for real-time monitoring and control.

Digital Twin Technology

Create virtual models for performance analysis and predictive maintenance.

MEP Infrastructure Design

 Expertise in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems ensures seamless integration.

Advanced Tech

Connect and manage building systems for real-time monitoring and control.

Testing and Commissioning

 Comprehensive support to ensure optimal system performance.

Ongoing SupporT

Provide managed services for continuous building performance enhancement.

Security Equipment

We future-proof your buildings by ensuring they are equipped with flexible, unified, and smart-ready systems, delivering innovative, sustainable, and intelligent solutions.

Open Systems and Protocols

Design flexible systems that support open protocols and APIs/SDKs.

Network Convergence

Unify communication networks for enhanced efficiency.

Normalized Data

Standardize naming and metadata tagging for consistent data


Smart-Ready Devices

Equip buildings with devices prepared for future advancements.

Our Solutions for Modern Buildings

At TDG Smart Building, we tackle the primary challenges modern buildings face. Our solutions are designed to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and comfort. Discover how we transform buildings to meet today’s demands and future needs.

Financial Graphs

Increasing Efficiency

We streamline building operations with advanced automation and data analytics, reducing costs and enhancing productivity.

Future-Proofing Investment

Our scalable and adaptable technologies ensure your investment remains effective and relevant, minimizing the need for frequent upgrades.

Enhancing Tenant Comfort

Our intelligent systems optimize indoor climate, lighting, and air quality, creating comfortable environments tailored to occupant needs.

Boosting Energy Efficiency

We reduce energy consumption and costs with smart meters, energy-efficient lighting, and automated HVAC systems.

Meeting Room Business

Promoting Sustainability

Our solutions support environmental goals by minimizing waste, reducing carbon footprints, and optimizing resource use.


Ensuring Security

Advanced security features like automated access control and real-time surveillance protect your assets and ensure safety.


Facilitating Data-Driven Decisions

Comprehensive data analytics provide valuable insights into operations and energy usage, enabling informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

Improving Maintenance Management

Our predictive maintenance systems monitor equipment health, anticipate issues, and schedule timely interventions, reducing downtime and repair costs.

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