As the founder and CEO of The Designers Group, Blima Ehrentreu is an accomplished Interior Designer that has led more than 300 projects. Her work surpasses designing interiors; she is invested in the community and supporting women in the construction industry. Last year, she launched TDG Gives Back, an initiative to offer complimentary design services to nonprofits and charities. She serves as a Women in Construction Ambassador, and her business is a certified Women-owned Business Enterprise.

-Quoted from Women Of Influence 2020 Globest. Real Estate Forum


Designing for over ten years, TDG curates high-end interiors for residential, commercial, hospitality, and healthcare projects. We take the time to learn and understand your brand and initiatives. From there, we develop a personalized plan that suits your specific goals.
​Leaders in innovative methods, our team uses a formulated, detail-driven design process. We ensure maximum efficiency and space optimization from the initial design concept to execution.


Our team is the foundation of our success. We collaborate on every project to make the maximum use of our skillset. We have weekly TDG Talks where we discuss using innovative methods to develop the most effective interiors and provide impeccable service.



Our team designs exceptional interiors for residential and commercials projects. We follow a detail-driven process to create visually engaging spaces that serve their optimal purpose with maximum efficiency. We pride ourselves on our broad range of projects and our team’s expertise. We have experience working on the interiors of both residential and commercial properties, and our portfolio includes workplace, hospitality, retail, and healthcare projects.


TDG is a Minority/Women-owned Business Enterprise. We have a multi-cultural team that brings diversity and inclusion to all our work and projects. Without the synergy of our team, our work would not be at the same wide-ranging international standard. Diversity is what keeps us at the cutting edge of interior design.


Community involvement is one of the core values of The Designers Group and we are always interested in philanthropic initiatives especially in our field of Interior Design.


TDG hosted and chaired events to promote community involvement and charitable causes. We are proud of the work we do to better the environment around us.


TDG is all about bringing positive energy into spaces, and one way of doing that is by giving back to others. We are passionate about using our firm as a platform to help others and spread positivity to the world.
For example, we launched TDG Gives Back, an initiative where we offered non-profit organizations and charities complimentary design services to celebrate our third anniversary in New York.