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Behind the TDG Insider:

TDG's latest initiative, the TDG Insider program, offers aspiring designers the chance to experience a day in the life of a TDG designer. The program includes a range of activities and the opportunity to be mentored by one of our experienced designers. This program was inspired by my experience as a high school student who dreamed of becoming a designer but didn't fully understand what the job entailed.

Through initiatives like TDG Insider, we aim to support and inspire the next generation of designers and contribute to the growth of the design industry. The program provides participants with a unique behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to work as a designer at TDG. They can see the design process in action, from initial client meetings to concept development and final execution.

The program is open to anyone interested in pursuing a career in design and applicants are invited to apply on our website. TDG is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the design industry, and the TDG Insider program provides opportunities for aspiring designers from a range of backgrounds.

In addition to experiencing a day in the life of a TDG designer, participants in the program will also have the opportunity to learn from and be mentored by one of our experienced designers. This will provide them with valuable insights and advice that can help them on their own design journey.

We believe initiatives like TDG Insider are crucial for supporting and inspiring the next generation of designers. By providing these experiences and opportunities, we hope to encourage more young people to pursue careers in design and contribute to the growth and success of the industry.

- Blima

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