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Updated: Mar 10, 2023

I just returned from an incredible trip spent in Dubai. Surrounded by breathtaking views and magnificent buildings, inspiration was everywhere!

I always love to travel and experience a new place - its energy, culture, and style. I love to connect to the natives and learn about how they experience life, about their passion, interests and how they view the world.

My trip to Dubai was filled with endless innovative, creative, and memorable experiences. The bright colors, patterns, architecture and fashion were intoxicating. The sail shaped Burj Al Arab and incredible interiors off Jumeirah Beach was my favorite building to visit. It was breathtaking to view the its unique structure from a helicopter built on a manmade island.

The hues of nature, desert feel, and sandy beaches contrasted the deep colors and unique patterns of the culture. The art and and designs will all motivate and inspire my work with The Designers Group. I look forward to creating spaces where people from around the world can find familiarity.

Where have you been traveling? What ideas did you learn that you haven’t thought of before? How has that inspired you? I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments below!

Here's to finding your inspiration!

- Blima

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