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Euro Trip 2022!

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

I just returned from an incredible trip spent in Europe. I got to experience Switzerland and France’s captivating city life and the serene beauty of Greece’s breathtaking views.   

Traveling is an invaluable experience that always fills me with inspiration. Each country’s architectural beauty, magnetic energy, and endless culture never fail to add value to my work at The Designers Group. It's also important to me that our work at TDG is inclusive and we create spaces where people from around the world can find familiarity.

Whenever I travel I always love to experience a new place's energy, culture, and style. I love to connect with the people and learn about how they experience life, their passion, interests, and how they view the world.

For example, the quintessential Parisian style of 19th-century architecture that still defines Paris makes the city uniquely charming, to say at least. The streets are surrounded by beautiful facades and balconies covered in flowery. One of my favorite parts of the trip was witnessing the Eiffel Tower light show. To see the historical architectural monument light up the sky and sparkle after dark is a truly unforgettable memory. 

What are some of your best memories of traveling? And how does it impact the work you do? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below!

Here's to finding your inspiration!


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