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TDG Field Trip to the Denizen!

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

It’s a busy time of year here in the TDG office but we always find time to go out and get inspired together. Last week the team and I visited the Denizen building in Bushwick. Located on the former site of Brooklyn’s Rheingold Brewery, this massive apartment complex encompasses two full blocks in one of Brooklyn’s hottest neighborhoods. It was very exciting to go and experience it firsthand!

With our team growing so quickly, this was a great opportunity for us to get to know each other better! Starting strong with sushi, rosé, and an intense bowling match warmed us up for our tour of this massive complex. The Denizen features a wide variety of architectural and artistic styles spread across the building and it was a great way to get inspired by the different design elements. One of my favorite parts was how each hallway had a different mural by a local artist. Such a unique way to activate a community!

Up on the roof, we found an urban farm, a human-sized chess set, and incredible views of the sunset over New York City. We finished strong with grilling, games, and great conversation. With summer weather like this, how could we not?

Sharing moments like these really brings us together and keeps us on the right path. Can’t wait for the next TDG Outing!


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