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Celebrating Change

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

From challenging times, come incredible learning opportunities. With some extra time to reflect, I realized the remarkable way The Designers Group has evolved, in ways I never could have dreamed of.

I always had a passion to create, improve, and perfect. When we started, the driving force for the firm was the desire to find and create

inspiring energy in spaces.

Now, I’ve started putting a lot more focus on things further than just the aesthetic of the design. When designing workplaces, our focus is on the office culture that we play a large part in creating. Because our team has grown so much, our designers can explore their creativity. They have the independence and responsibility they need to take their projects wherever they want them to go. To bring warmth to the designs, we collaborate as a team to make the maximum use of our skillset.

For healthcare design, we now approach it completely differently to how we would have before. I strongly believe that we can adapt and learn from every industry and bring it into other spaces that we're working on. When we first started with nursing homes, the industry was very different. Most nursing homes had sterile environments, so we took them and approached them with the creativity we bring to hospitality. We design beautiful lobbies for healthcare facilities, with hallways that looked like hotel corridors.

We go above and beyond to establish the environment the client desires. The fluidity of the designs has become a point of our diversity. We bring the best parts of different sectors into others and fuse them to help us come up with brilliance.

Take some time to think. What is different now about how you thought your industry would be?

- Blima

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