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Behind TDG Furniture Exchange

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

At The Designers Group, we love to beautify interiors. I am so grateful that I could make a career out of what I love to do and use my platform to help others.

The idea for the TDG Furniture Exchange all started when I moved into a new apartment and had furniture that I no longer needed. It was then that I realized there is an opportunity here to help those who need furniture and cannot afford it. I also noticed that many of my clients had furniture that they did not need anymore. Instead of throwing it away, there had to be another option; so we began developing a new initiative called the TDG Furniture Exchange. This unique philanthropic program allows those who have unneeded furniture to place it with families and individuals who can use it.

The TDG Furniture Exchange is a charitable initiative that helps those who cannot afford furniture. We match people who need furniture with those who have furniture to give away.

TDG has a storage space, drivers, and a team of volunteers to facilitate any donations.

We are planning on expanding this initiative to other states and countries, and the outpouring of offers has shown us how needed this service is.

I have been blessed to take my dream of helping others fulfill their dreams home to new heights. I am proud of The Designers Group family and my team's work, from a financial perspective and a charitable one. My goal has always been to help as many people realize their dream spaces as possible. I look forward to providing more furniture for even more families as this initiative continues to grow.


If you would like to collaborate with The Designers Group and help the TDG Furniture Exchange, please reach out to

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