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Birthdays at TDG!

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Last week I celebrated my birthday and was so touched by the effort of the TDG team to make my day special. Our team is a family that looks out for each other, and it's amazing to work with people who care. Topping that off with balloons, Carvel cake, and rosé all bring in a birthday the right way!

Despite how busy things are in the office, we always make sure to celebrate our milestones and wins, keeping up with the moments that matter. Occasions are super important to commemorate so that everyone feels seen, heard, and appreciated for their efforts. When team members—old and new—are actively receiving acknowledgment, the team is inspired to band and grow together. At TDG we recognize that the people who make up our team are valuable and should be treated with respect, appreciation, and attention. Our team environment is vital for our creativity to blossom and we are always using group activities to strengthen the TDG culture and inspire team collaboration.

By sharing these moments together our team's chemistry gains additional depth and connection, and this helps set us apart, as well as keeping us on the right path. Here's to another great year with my TDG family.

- Blima

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