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TDG Monthly Trip!

As part of our ongoing efforts to seek out new inspiration and ideas, the TDG team recently visited one of our project sites in Brooklyn. The site we visited is a new building for a boys' school with over 1,800 students, and TDG is responsible for the design of the building. We were eager to see how our work was coming together on the site, and we were excited to experience the construction process firsthand.

Our visit to the project site was a truly inspiring experience. As we arrived, we were greeted by the towering columns and other structural components of the building, which gave us a sense of the project's scale and complexity. We were also struck by the sheer amount of activity on the site, as construction workers were busy at work, erecting walls and installing windows and other features.

As we toured the site, we could see how all the different components of the building were coming together to create our intended design. We saw the towering columns supporting the upper floors, and we visited the sub-cellar basement that will eventually be home to event spaces and a swimming pool. We also climbed to the higher floors of the building, where we saw the classrooms and other spaces the students will use. Everywhere we looked, we saw the careful coordination and collaboration between the different teams of workers, and we were impressed by the sheer magnitude and complexity of the project.

After visiting the site, we sat down at a nearby restaurant and discussed our thoughts and impressions. We talked about what impressed us the most, and we brainstormed new ideas that we could incorporate into our future projects. Sharing our thoughts and experiences helps keep us inspired and motivated, and it allows us to continue growing and learning together as a team.

Overall, our visit to the project site was a truly exciting and inspiring experience, and we are looking forward to our next TDG trip. We are committed to seeking out new inspiration and ideas, and we are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of design.

- Blima

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